Jadakiss On "Ether" Vs. "Takeover"

Jadakiss decided to give his take on a decade-old hip hop beef. The rapper revealed that he, like a lot of hip hop fans, has always preferred Nas' Jay-Z diss "Ether," to Jay's "Takeover," the song that many believe launched the Nas vs. Jay-Z beef of 2001.
"I didn't really like the "Takeover" beat," Kiss says. "But the words--you know what the words are! It's like the Declaration of Independence on the battle tip. What he's saying is crazy. I like the laaaaayyyyymmmmme part. It was heavy, but Nas' "Ether" sits on the mantle when it comes to battle songs. From the production, to the way he formatted it, to what he was saying--he touched everything. It was an A-Plus grade."


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