Jeezy Dating Chris Brown's Ex?

Young Jeezy celebrated his birthday with a party and dinner in Atlanta and DJ Frank Ski's restaurant. While there were numerous A-listers at the event--Jermaine Dupri, Ludacris, Ne-Yo and others all made an appearance--there was one slightly-less well-known person in attendance that got people's attention.
Jeezy reportedly showed up with a new girl, model Jasmine Sanders.
Sanders dated Chris Brown for most of last year. The relationship came to an end due to rumors of Sanders getting cozy with Rob Kardashian. Now, apparently, she's been scooped by the Snowman.
There's a word for that...but I can't quite remember what it is...
First Wiz Khalifa scooped up Kanye’s ex-girl…now Young Jeezy is running around with one of Breezy’s exes.


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