Jeezy On the Industry

Jeezy On the Industry:

Jeezy sounds like he's feeling his age. The thirtysomething rapper shared his viewpoint on the current state of hip hop in a recent interview. Not-so-Young Jeezy knows that what was a hit in 2005 may not work today.
He claims that hip hop has gone back to the street and the suits don't get it.
“It’s definitely a different game than five, six years ago. It’s more of a hustler’s game now," he says. "I feel like the streets is rap these days. It’s like being on the block in the cars. As far as music goes, I don’t think the corporate world understands this is our culture. Music connects the dots, it’s around the world, it’s a universal language. Sometimes, the executives try to take advantage of the culture. It ain’t a day job, this is real life.”


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