Joe Budden Didn't Propose To Tahiry

Rapper Joe Budden denied reports that he had proposed to his model ex-girlfriend Tahiry. Budden tweeted his dismissal of the rumors, which ignited a brief war of words between he and the woman he was supposedly 'engaged' to.
"Since I got a bunch of comedians in my timeline, lemme help yall out....," he tweeted. "I never proposed to Tahiry, I'm not engaged to nor am i thinking about Tahiry, I wish her well, but that's my past & will remain that way."
"@TheRealTahiry I know what happened.. U was in there w that Mutty, dirty lookin n*gga & I said u can do better.. Not marry me n*gga, lol" Budden added.
Tahiry fired back at Joe, calling him a liar.
"And the Clown show Begins.... @joebudden... Lmfao, next time u pop up at my door step I'm going to call the cops. Enough is enough u #!@%*#ing liar," she tweeted back. "Imma once again be the mature party and not put the sh*t on blast. I'm way to old and comfortable in my own skin."


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