Kid Cudi Not Doing Features?

Kid Cudi may not be popping on another rapper's single for awhile. The Cleveland rhymer says he's bored with jumping on tracks just for the sake of doing it--except for appearing with a certain celebrated duo who just watched a blockbuster collaborative album.
"I'm not interested in being someone's look. And that's what it is nowadays--a look. It's hard for me to charge people, because I do my stuff for free," Cudi said. "I do all my stuff with Jay and Kanye on the house, because it's a brotherhood. Besides them, I can't really hit nobody with a fee, because then that's a dispute."
"What I want to charge, motherf**kers might not have a budget for!" he added. "On top of that, it's a commitment when you do a song with somebody. Like, 'We need a single, we need the video.' And then--like I said in the last interview, being that I don't f*ck with most people musically--it's tough for me to want to bend and be a part of people's projects."


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