Kreayshawn Explains Kreayshawn

Kreayshawn gave Carson Daly the low-down on exactly who she is during a recent appearance on his show. The Oakland upstart emphasized her array of 'talents.'
For everyone who didn't know.
"I'm a rapper, I'm a graphic designer, director, model, DJ and a professional b*tch snatcher," Kreayshawn said. "There's a lot of people that want to push you down. One, for being a female and one for being white. It's hard but I don't see it like that. In Oakland, that's how you grew up...The best about everything that's going on is I have my head on my shoulders, I know what I want, I know my vision and it's not like I signed this record deal blindly -- whatever happens, happens. I know that I'm a good person and that I'm smart and funny. If the music thing doesn't work out, I'm talented at a million other things."


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