Naturi Naughton On Playboy

Naturi Naughton On Playboy:
Naturi Naughton has gone from 3LW, to appearing in Notorious to now she's slated to star as a Playboy bunny in the new show "The Playboy Club." But despite the fact that Ms. Naughton showed us a lot of skin in Notorious, she says she's not sure about disrobing for the iconic men's magazine in real life.
"A lot of people ask me that. You know, I'm an actress. I'm not a Playboy model. I'm not a Playmate. I'm not any of those things, which is nothing wrong with that but I'm just an actress playing a Playboy Bunny," Naugton explained in an interview. "Don't get it twisted. Not to say that I would never consider doing the magazine, but if I did pose it would definitely have to be classy and something respectable and something that I feel comfortable with. So who knows! I would never say never."


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