Ray J Wants Sex Tape To Go Away

Ray J Wants Sex Tape To Go Away
According to reports, reality star Ray J is ready for his infamous sex tape with the newly-married Kim Kardashian to be taken off of the market. Ray reportedly told TMZ that he would be happy if the tape was no more, and Vivid Entertainment--the tape's distributor--received a mystery offer to pull the tape off of the market along with any other material that may feature Kimmy K.
The buyer allegedly offered Vivid $30 million for the tape, a number that Ray J claims is far less than what the tape is worth.
It doesn't seem like removing the tape would matter all that much in the Internet age. That footage is out there and its always going to be out there now.


Imani said…
He can wish all he wants. That tape won't ever, ever, ever go away. #itsheretostay
Mark Wins said…
lol. am I the only one that would welcome having a sex tape with someone like Kim?

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