Wiz Khalifa: A Day In the Life

Wiz Khalifa's reputation as a pothead is well-deserved. The rapper who's debut album is calledRolling Papers shared some of the details of his daily routine. Not surprisingly the Pittsburgh native is a notorious 'wake & baker.'
"I wake up like any old normal person, open my eyes and then I roll over and smoke some weed," he said. "It's either already rolled, or I roll it, or I put it in the bong and just like anybody else does, put fire to it and smoke, and then I start my day. I usually eat some breakfast, make a couple phone calls, check some emails and then the wheels are moving."
He added, "I am guilty of smoking before brushing [my teeth]. Honestly if you're gonna smoke and then brush so you can get [the smell] out of there, instead of brushing then smoking and dirtying it back up."


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