Airplane Boys Praise Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg may have raised the ire of some fans when he declared himself more influential than Barack Obama last week on Twitter; but Beck Motley of the Airplane Boys defended the Doggfather's stance. The Boys are Snoop's opening act during the British leg of his tour.
Motley says Snoop deserves more credit for his contributions and influence.
"We were with him when that happened," Beck told SOHH referring to Snoop's remarks. "Snoop paved the way for a lot of the young artists today. Snoop's an O.G., so if you want to talk about hip-hop, he's [to be considered as] an O.G. When he says anything in a sentence, you gotta appreciate it, man. Respect that. Not even joking, but that's like a smile of joy. You're on the right path of Snoop is acknowledging you [on Twitter]. He's a busy guy with a lot to do and anything he says [is important]."


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