B.o.B. Says He's Ready

Rapper B.o.B. sounds confident as he continues to work on his sophomore album. The Atlanta native says that he's gone through several phases creatively--but he's more focused on lyricism and rapping right now. He acknowledges that he went through a phase where he was more focused on singing and 'alternative' music styles.
But he says he's refocusing his energy now.
"For me I feel like I been going through phases. And I feel like I'ma always go through phases," he explained in an interview. "When I first started the first song I ever released was 'Cloud 9.' And that was like a smoker's anthem. The first whole half of the song I was just singing on it -- I kinda went through that phase. Went through [an] alternative phase where all I wanted to do was make rock music. Now I just feel like rapping. I feel like naturally I'ma sing, throw a melody here and there but I'm in emcee mode now....Man we gonna get that [out] I'ma say, March. I'm aiming for early March. I don't wanna say too much."


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