Cam'ron Says Jay-Z Is Insecure

Cam'ron claims that there was friction at the Roc-A-Fella label between his Dipset crew and former label co-founder Jay-Z because Jay wasn't prepared to share the spotlight with a crew that was his 'equal.' Cam says that other talents on the roster were clearly inferior to Jay, but Dipset had as much talent as their former boss.
If not more.
"I think he's a good, great businessman," Cam said referring to Jay. "But he's a competitor. He doesn't like people just as good or who may be better on the same level as him. Not dissing him but [Memphis] Bleek and [Beanie Sigel] is like coming underneath him. I always want Jim [Jones] or Juelz [Santana] to be equal or above me because I'd rather kick back and chill out. But people [like us] coming to that label with the same amount of talent and the same amount of, well, no, pardon me, way more swag. You know what I'm saying? He couldn't handle it."


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