Eminem Associate Commits Suicide

Chaos Kid, a longtime associate and friend to rapper Eminem, has committed suicide. The rapper took his life on yesterday (October 5) though details have yet to emerge surrounding the incident. Chaos and Eminem became friends sometime around 1988 and rapped and produced together for the next three-to-four years.
The teens performed and released music together as 'Soul Intent' when they were in high school.
Chaos Kid came to Eminem's defense in 2003 when a controversial demo tape featuring Em using the N-word was made public. “Marshall Mathers is not a racist,” Chaos Kid told MTVNews. “Although the songs were in bad taste, they were not intended to be taken seriously or even heard and do not represent the true sentiments of Eminem.”


Anonymous said…
How about a picture of the rapper instead of eminem making his 'im not afraid' face. Its good that you guys are spreading but how about hinging it on honoring the rapper instead of getting hits.
Anonymous said…
Ur absolutely right! Very least a picture of both of them next to eachother.

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