Fat Joe Couldn't Resist J. Lo's Butt?

Fat Joe said that, for years, he's avoided staring at his friend Jennifer Lopez's infamous butt. The two recorded together as far back as the late 90s, and Joey Crack says he's resisted J. Lo's rump for the better part of a decade.
But after taking the stage with her last week in Connecticut, Joe says he finally allowed himself the pleasure of gazing at her famous backside.
"Honestly, I've never looked at J.Lo's a**," said Joey Crack. "Never. It would be disrespectful for her to look at me like a brother figure and then when she turns around, I'm staring at her a**. But the other night, I'm watching the performance and she's wearing some beige sh*t and I couldn't avoid it. It was right there. [Laughs] So I finally seen it. I told her about it too and was like, 'Yo, listen, that beige suit? I've always been the brother, but your a** was there, like...' She started laughing."


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