Gangsta Boo Disses Kreayshawn

Memphis rapper Gangsta Boo isn't feeling Oakland pop rap star Kreayshawn. The former Three-Six-Mafia associate shared her criticisms of Kreayshawn in a recent interview, labeling the "Gucci Gucci" star a 'wigger' and a 'gimmick.'
“I don’t listen to Kreayshawn. I’m really not feeling her,” she said. “I think she’s a wigger. I think she looks like she came out the movie BAPS. You familiar with that movie? Like the whole ghetto girl thing, I don’t know if that’s how white girls do it in Oakland.”
“I really don't know, I got to meet her personally to feel her out," Boo continued. "To understand like, ‘OK, like this is really this girl, like she ain’t a wigger, she just her. She likes ghetto looks, she’s not trying to be a black girl. That’s just her.’ So until I meet her I have a little bitter taste in my mouth to her. […] To me its an act and it’s a gimmick but its not a funny one.”


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