Kelly Rowland Is Excited For Beyonce

Kelly Rowland says she's ecstatic over BFF Beyonce's pregnancy. The former Destiny's Child singer shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming baby in a recent interview, saying that she can't wait to babysit Bey and hubby Jay-Z's first born.
"I'm so happy for her and her husband and just excited to be an auntie -- part two," Rowland told MTV. "First it was [Solange's son] Julez -- Now it's a new baby on the rise; it's gonna to be so exciting...I'll help take care of my 'sister' and her husband's baby first."
Kelly says she's not looking to become a Mommy herself anytime soon.
"I'm not ready for babies yet," she shared. "I can watch them take care of this little baby...I get to babysit, yes -- It's a wonderful moment. I just saw my sister today, and I got a chance to rub her tummy."


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