Kendrick Lamar Lands Windows Ad

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is being featured in a new Windows Phone commercial. The Compton native talks about his writing process, traveling and other topics. He brought the phone to show behind-the-scenes footage of him working in the studio.
"I had to realize that I have to have all of these techniques and skills in order to be the best artist I could possibly be," Kendrick says in the commercial. "I had to have delivery, content, style, charisma."
"What I like to do is go back to my album and see what I've done and what I could do better for the next project," he adds. "Anyone who knows me knows I need to record everywhere I go. The Windows phone, this is a big help. I could go to my pocket recorder, organize and keep all my scratches or melodies or references down and easy to go to just by a simple click. That's something that helps me a lot."


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