Lil Wayne Downplays Sequels

Despite his manager's proclamations earlier this month that rapper Lil Wayne was focused on recording the album sequels I Am Not A Human Being 2 and Rebirth 2, Weezy himself is dismissing both projects as 'unimportant.'
Wayne says that he and Cash Money/Young Money are more focused on Drake and Nicki Minaj's upcoming sophomore releases.
"Drake’s album Take Care is coming November 15th, I think. Nicki is about to be working on her next album. What’s the name of it? She said she’s still figuring out a name, so we still figuring it out. Stunna coming. I Am Not a Human Being 2 and Rebirth 2 are so not important right now. And that is what it is,” he said. “We got Twist coming, we got Tyga coming and then we have Shanell coming. Bow Wow coming… That’s what’s really important right now. What I’m doing is really never important, actually. I’m a very unimportant guy. That’s just me."


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