Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rick Ross Talks Beefs

Rick Ross was more than happy to discuss his recent feuds with fellow rappers Young Jeezy and Kreayshawn. In a recent interview, the Miami superstar took some shots at both artists and their histories of beefing with him. He was frank and direct regarding the incident with Kreayshawn at the Video Music Awards.
"I mean, you gotta understand, this is pretty much what it was. It never was really a big deal to me," Ross told Funkmaster Flex. "She never got the memo that you can get on Twitter, you can get on blogs and you can say whatever you want to say -- but when she didn't get the memo, people that usually do that to me usually don't go to the awards where I'm gonna be at. They usually fall back...Usually when you do that, you don't be in the same room as I am. I just so happened to walk around the corner [at the VMAs show] and I was about to do an interview and I saw her face, so I just kind of introduced myself from a far. If this is what you were looking for, I got that for you. I went on enjoying my night."
As far as Jeezy?
"You gotta understand, when you talk about this street life and being one hundred and being solid, it's certain things that you just bring to a person," Ross added. "That's what I was expecting. And that never happened. However homie feel, that's him. Just all the way being real -- we were just at the BET Awards, and I sat in the front row, and he performed. If it's any pressure, handle it right then."

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Anonymous said...

This man is the biggest effing fraud... N I mean that in every sense... Going round beefing with lil white girls... Talking jeezy shoulda handled it at BET, he was performing, this man just hyping hisself up like he bout that... Sensitive thugs they all need hugs... Smh

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