Styles P On 'MC' Vs. 'Rapper'

Styles P decided to break down the difference between a rapper and an emcee in a recent interview. Now, there have been umpteen different attempts to make a distinction between the two terms, and no two 'definitions' ever seem to be the same. But, P decided to put his ten cents into the age-old debate anyway.
Not sure if he said anything that hasn't been said before.
"An MC is a host for the night -- the person that is controlling the crowd's attention and the activities and festivities of the evening," P told SOHH. "An MC is there to control the mic. A rapper, I think, it's just your job as a rapper to be like 'rat, hat, cat, gat, stack' ... all of that. An MC puts all that together in a slick way. A rapper's job is not to make you think. A rapper just says what he says."


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