T.I. Clowns Chelsea Handler

While appearing on "Chelsea Lately" to promote his recently-released book Power & Beauty, rapper T.I. decided to poke a little fun at host Chelsea Handler and her past with hip hop superstar 50 Cent. T.I. joked that the late night host had changed her last name.
"Your last name isn't 'Lately' by the way, Chelsea," T.I. said. "I thought your last name was 'Cent.' I thought it was Chelsea Cent."
"No that's not true, 50's last name was 'Lately' for a while," Chelsea quipped back. "But then we changed it back."


Anonymous said…
LOL She's cute! 50 Lately
Anonymous said…
t.i.s got jokes,ahahah, get'em t.i.
Anonymous said…
funny how she turned it around and stated that, 50 changed his name to 50 Lately
Just Mimi said…
I like her...too funny.

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