T.I. & Peter Rosenberg Make Amends

Rapper T.I. and Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg aired out their differences. Tip previously took exception to Rosenberg's comments following the rapper's release from prison. Rosenberg suggested that T.I. was spending too much time partying; Tip paid a visit to Ciipha Sounds and Rosenberg's show.
"That's my town, and the awards are in my town," he said. "My return is upon us, so why would I not go out there? Why would I not do what I do? Of course I've got other obligations that supersede the awards, that supersede... Would it be better for me to just let somebody from somewhere else come? [...] That means my presence is needed. In my absence, my city has been somewhat absent as well. So this is the return of me and my town. Prior to that, this is my job, this is what I do. Going to parties and doing that, that's part of what I do. I picked up paper at all them parties. And I've been gone for a while, so you don't want me to get my money?"
"If I choose to be one who lives his life in fear of what could happen instead of preparing myself for what I know may happen, I'm not going to be the T.I. that everyone's grown to love," he continued.


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