Webbie On BET Controversy

Rapper Webbie has spoken up about his ongoing feud with Terrence J and Rocsi of BET's "106 & Park," and his being banned from BET altogether. The rapper was reportedly kicked off of the show for making derogatory remarks to Rocsi, which led to him releasing a viral video disrespecting Terrence J and claiming that he, Webbie--is BET.
During a phone interview with WGCI's 107.5, he tried to explain his side of the controversy.
“It ain’t nothing against me and BET. BET, I love BET, I’ve been watching BET all my life. I am BET, BET is black entertainment, you know what I’m saying?” Webbie explained to the morning show. ”That was some personal stuff, you know with Rocsi and Terrence you know, that’s his old lady I guess. Go look at the computer, look at the Vibe Magazine and that’s what happened.”
He also discussed a photo of Rocsi hugging him and their history.
“Look, look, look, that Vibe Magazine picture, that’s what happened. My album November 15. Savage Live 3,” he added. “I knew her before I made ‘Bad B***h’, ‘Gimme that P***y’ before I started making rap, I don’t know Terrence.”
“I didn’t never know her personally, I just know how we live and where we live and the picture just explains it all. I just say Terrence, get yo ho mane! Mane get yo ho mane, get yo ho mane, that yo ho, that ain’t got nothing to do with me and BET, this ain’t got nothing to do with the millions of kids that I say stay in school. I make sure to say stay in school," he continued. "At the end of the day that’s small, get yo ho, get yo girl.”


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