2 Chainz Blasts Cocky Rappers

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz voiced his disapproval of rappers and their egos in a recent interview. The former Playaz Circle star says that too many hip hop artists are preoccupied with appearing cool and indifferent to each other and it's hurt the camaraderie in the game.
"I think everybody [in the game] got too cool, the whole about coming into the room and sh*t," he said. "It's like all of us [rappers] know we're in the room, but n***as act like they don't see each other...that sh*t is what's f**king up the game. I ain't got to dap every n***a down, but at [least] say 'What's up.' That sh*t's what took [me] a little bit further than the more arrogant [artists]...that's the little sh*t that might separate from another n***a, 'cus I'll be in the airport and pull that move [and] I'll [say], 'What's up?' when I hear my name...I don't know how to fake talk on the phone, I don't know how to listen to my headphones [and ignore someone]...I could have my headphones on for real, and if I hear you, I'll still acknowledge you. You know when n***as start getting them checks...they [get arrogant]."


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