Amber Rose On Lola Monroe

With Wiz Khalifa adding rapper/model LoLa Monroe, his girlfriend/video vixen Amber Rose gave her two cents about the signing the sexy femcee. Rose made sure to let everyone know what the pecking order is in the House De Khalifa.
"I am the queen. She is the first lady. Lola is the sh*t," she said. "You guys really got to get into her. She's super talented, she's my sister, she's super duper dope and she is the first lady of Taylor Gang...period. She's going to come in, she's killin' the game and she's working really hard. Me and Lola both have very, very similar lives. We were both strippers at 15-years-old. We both been through a really hard struggle. We've both been scrutinized for a lot of different things."
Good to know..


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