Busta Rhymes On Getting Older

Busta Rhymes discussed his getting older in the youth-dominated rap game. The rapper made his debut twenty years ago, fresh out of high school, as a member of Leaders of the New School. He launched his solo career in 1996 and has been going strong ever since. But he knows the way fans can view a rapper once he's nearing his forties.
"I've been blessed to be in this shape for a long time, but from young. I'm still a 38, 39 year old n*gga," Busta says. "I have a lot of peers that are older than me. At the end of the day, I can only speak for me, I'm just finding a new fresh powers source that's gonna make things a lot more difficult for niggas if they wanna stand next to me and compete. I take great pleasure and great pride in respectfully competing. I don't know it no other way; as long as everybody keeps it respectful."
He also touched on his partnership with Google Music.
"[Google Music,] it's displaying a new way of releasing music," he says. "It's gonna be a grand, festive moment for hip-hop overall. It's show people how greatly we can look forward to the growth of doing this shit the way it's supposed to be. I couldn't be more grateful for a better time in my career and evolution process at this point."


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