Chris Brown/Drake Joke Goes Too Far?

DJ Whoo Kid's radio 'joke' got a lot of attention over the weekend. The DJ appeared on Tim Westwood's show in the UK and commented that Young Money superstar Drake had been knocked out by R&B singer Chris Brown over Brown's ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
"Thank God there’s Drake out there. He had atleast 8 records on the radio that’s killing it, not to mention features, his own singles and um, him and Rihanna supposedly fooled around," Whoo Kid told Westwood. When Westwood pressed him for more info, Whoo Kid said, "I think he got elbowed by Chris Brown, too, but that never came out.”
“In the chin, in the corner left part,” Whoo Kid continued. “‘Man Down.’ Simple as that. I mean, c’mon, Tim. I’m trying to be simple here.”
After the Web exploded with the news, DJ Whoo Kid tweeted that he was goofing. "Me and @timwestwood were joking on radio — #youCantbeSERIOUS HAHA @chrisbrown did not knock out DRAKE!!!"


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