Emily B. Isn't Fighting Kimbella

Emily B of "Love & Hip Hop" says don't expect to be a brawl between her and co-star Kimbella. Despite the now-infamous brawl between Kim and Chrissy in the show's premiere, Emily B says she has no interest in brawling and has no issue with Kimbella.
Kimbella recently admitted to dating Fabolous while Emily was pregnant with the rapper's child.
"She's that kind of girl. Ugh, I don't even want to go into that. I will say this, I have no hard feelings against Kimbella. We don't have no beef. At this point, this far along, she's doing her thing and I understand. It is what it is," Emily said in an interview. "It wasn't the time or the place. She had to go into those meetings and say that to those producers in order for them to get the information. She knew what she was doing. It's whatever. Personally, I would have taken that to the grave. I never would have thought that she would want to say that on national T.V., especially when your man works with him and that is his colleague. But, everybody's different. That was her decision and I guess she felt like she had to get it off of her chest or whatever, but it didn't play off well in the situation."


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