Estelle On Her Career

Singer/rapper Estelle recently opened up about why her career seemingly faded after dropping her debut Shine in 2008. The British star says that she wasn't in the right place emotionally to keep pushing with her music, so she had to take a minute to catch her breath.
"I got back on the same page with my head and my heart," she says. "I just didn’t enjoy the music anymore so I turned everything around and started really paying attention to myself instead of listening to what everyone else was telling me [the album] should be. It just got real ridiculous for a while."
"Every time I’d go in and record something that was really emotionally charged after one of these changing moments — those are the records that everybody loved. So I was like, ‘You might want to keep doing that. It’s going to hurt you but just keep going,’" she adds. "And I did. And it hurt like hell. And a lot of people were probably hurt in the process, but oh well. They probably needed to go anyway. These were things that went with the process of me having to change my life around for the better. I definitely went through it."


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