Ghostface Killah On Luda/Drake Feud

Ghostface Killah addressed the feud between veteran rapper Ludacris and Young Money star Drake. Ghost, for his part, dismissed the subliminal disses between the two rappers and says hip hop stars with influence should be focused on bigger things than beefing.
"It is what it is, it's rap music. I'm not trying to get into any little kid sh*t. You know what I mean," he said in an interview. "I'm a grown man, B. You know what I mean? Grown men do grown men things. We don't got no time. We gotta get this money, man. Unless these n*ggas are already sitting on it, you know what I mean, but enough of that. You know what I mean? We should be getting at the real enemy, you know what I mean? That had us oppressed for all those years. Not at each other right now."


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