Juvenile Dismisses Hot Boy Reunion

Juvenile is killing any speculation that a Hot Boys reunion will happen anytime soon. While the New Orleans rap veteran has no ill will towards his former Cash Money family, he says that when he talks to Bryan "Birdman" Williams, they never discuss reuniting the famed group from the late 90s/early 2000s.
So fans shouldn't hold their breath.
"I would love to do a Hot Boys reunion record. I talk to Baby here and there but it never comes up in the conversation," Juvie says. "It's more like, 'How you doing? Is everything okay with you?' We never talk about that. It bothers me like it bothers everybody else. I would love to get a record out there for all the people that never knew anything about the Hot Boys; so they could hear how we sound. [But] It's out of my control."


zay9350 said…
Wayne n B.G. n da same spot!!!!!! Sounds like trouble
Anonymous said…
Birdman sucks!

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