Lil Wayne Introduces New Artist

Lil Wayne has announced a new signee to the Young Money label. 14-year old Torion Sellers is a singer that Weezy introduced today as the 'future' and the latest addition to his imprint. The rapper gave Sellers a warm introduction and praised him extensively in a new PSA.
“I want to reveal something needed. I want to reveal something now," he says. "I want to reveal something then. I want to reveal the future. Not only the future of Young Money/Cash Money, but the future. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my newest artist. I’m so, so blessed, so appreciative to be able to say I present to you, my new artist, Torion.”
It is unclear as of yet when Sellers' will make his recording debut for the label or when he will be releasing any mixtape for the public.


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