Machine Gun Kelly Addresses Yelawolf

Bad Boy rapper Machine Gun Kelly is addressing his supposed feud with Shady Records rhymer Yelawolf. Kelly reportedly had a problem with what he felt were subliminal disses in Wolf's BET Cypher freestyle and made it plain.
But now Kelly says its all a misunderstanding.
“[Do] I have a problem with Yelawolf? No. I don’t think Hip Hop needs that. I think it’s corny when it’s two white guys. Especially when we’re cut from the same type of cloth,” he said. “I think that I’m young and I’m wild and I say some things, things just fly out of my mouth that are taken a different way. The thing with Yelawolf didn’t start with the Cypher thing. It started with me doing an interview - more like multiple interviews. I always get the Yelawolf question, comparisons and stuff like that. You start answering in a different way - it’s hard to explain.”


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