Paula Patton Praises Robin Thicke

Mission: Impossible 4 star (and Robin Thicke wifey) Paula Patton discussed her butt-kicking abilities in a new interview with Complex magazine. The beauty said she enjoys proving that she can be a tough girl on-screen.
"Definitely," Patton said when asked if she enjoys being physical on-screen. "Listen, I’m not someone to be played with! [Laughs.] If need be, I can hurt someone. I don’t think there’s a problem with that. I just try not to be like, “Oh, I really want to sock this person in the face.” That’s not saying that I’m perfect. Ideally, I want to be a person who tries to have some compassion. But I have said things, like, “I’m going to strangle this person,” or, “I want to murder them!” [Laughs.] Which is horrible. I’m such a.... What’s the word for it? I waver back and forth; I’m many things at once."
Paula gushed about her hubby's ongoing support of her thriving career.
"He is my greatest supporter," she said of Thicke. "He’s never stopped me from doing a single thing; he only encourages me to go for it. He tells me to do things before I even think I’m ready myself."


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