Pete Rock Crowns Rakim

Pete Rock has worked with some of the most legendary emcees in the history of hip hop, but "The Soul Brother" still has no problem crowning who he feels is the greatest of all time. The legendary producer gave the crown to hip hop legend Rakim.
"When [Rakim] did 'The Saga Begins' it was almost like a Paid in Full feeling," he says. "It didn't sound like anything on Paid in Full, but it just gave me that feeling of working with Rakim, the greatest emcee ever. Even before Nas, I claim [Rakim] to be the best--along with Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One."
"To me he's number one at the top of my list because the rhymes he was writing and saying, no one else was doing it like that…the voice, the flow, it was just incredible," he added. "When he did 'The Saga' it just made me so proud of myself to be in that position and to be able to do a beat that he likes."


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