Slim Thug On Twitter

Rapper Slim Thug says his Twitter addiction has gotten him in trouble in his personal life before. The rapper discussed his social media habits and how they've affected his relationships in the past.
I never post pictures out of my own phone, like rarely do I post a naked picture. I might have posted a couple of them, but most of the time, like 90 percent of the time with naked pictures, it's all coming from muthaf*ckers sending it to me," Slim said in an interview. "Different people who follow me might send me a crazy picture, I retweet it and put a crazy face on there. ... It's always been like that. They always send me nasty sh*t and sometimes I might want to do that sh*t, or sometimes I might chill, like if I'm with a girl in a relationship, she'd be in my ear so f*cking much I might not retweet naked pictures as much. But I'll still do it. I've even lost relationships behind Twitter because I'm so reckless on there. I feel like I got to be me, man. If I'm going to be with somebody, they're going to be with me as I am. They ain't going to be changing me to no square or no sh*t. I ain't going to change and not be me. If you can't adapt to that, f*ck it."


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