Trina On Being A Femcee

Trina discussed her beginnings in the male-dominated rap game in a recent interview. The Miami rap star says that she was primed for a breakthrough when she initially emerged in the late 90s/early 2000s but that she also feels men didn't see her as an equal.
"Of course, rap was still a male-dominated game," she says. "And I came into it around a bunch of guys like Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, who were just real strong dudes. But coming up among men, you get that hardheadedness, that toughness about you. So I got the best of both worlds, because I had the guys there to give me the tough part, and then it was up to me to just keep my sexy going. It kinda balanced out!"
"I wouldn't say I was considered an equal," she added. "I was just a new chick who was fierce, b*tchy, raw, sexy. And there was a lane for it. I've worked with some of the greatest guys in the game, and they've always treated me with the same amount of respect, as if they were just working with another dude."
"Now there are so many new, talented females coming up in the game," she added. "And the ladies will have a lot to say in hip-hop. It's gonna be huge. Watch out."


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