B.o.B. Discusses Joint Project With T.I.

B.o.B. revealed that he and fellow Atlanta rap superstar are working on a joint album. The news comes after weeks of speculation that the two Grand Hustle rappers would be releasing a Watch the Throne-esque project together.
“Me and Tip working on The Man & The Martian project…It’s a collab album. You know, just something to have fun with. We actually have several songs,” B.o.B told Hot 97. “We actually have been talking about this for a while. Now that he’s back and we got time to record it’s a lot easier to manifest.”
He also discussed working with Lil Wayne on the single “Strange Clouds.”
“I felt like I needed to get somebody on the record who would really bring to life even more the concept of ‘Strange Clouds,’" B.o.B. said. "And the extraterrestrial side of it."


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