Common Inspired By Controversy

Common revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that his new album, The Dreamer/The Believer was partially inspired by the White House controversy that centered on the rapper back in May.
FOX News took exception to Common being invited to a White House event back in the spring, and Common says that it reinvigorated his desire to stay true to himself.
“Did the FOX News hoopla change anything that I was doing? I can’t say that it did,” he explained. “When it first happened, I was really kind of wondering what was going on, because I was working on this independent film called Luv, and my friend texted me and said, ‘Yo, don’t worry about what they’re saying about you.’ I was thinking it was a rumor like I was dating this girl or that."
“I found out what FOX was saying and it didn’t hit me personally,” he continued. “It was just that I was caught up in this political crossfire, and I looked at it from that perspective.”
“The irony is, I went even more in tune to what I’m about and thought even more with me knowing that I was blessed to go to the White House and blessed to do my poetry at the White House and I still got invited throughout all the hoopla. I realize that I’m a Hip Hop artist who has to express my freedom to speak and my style and who I am. I didn’t censor my lyrics to say, ‘Man, if I say this, I’m not going to be invited to the White House again. I won’t be accepted by these people.’ I just really tried my best to stay true to who I was, and it really came out on this album.”


Anonymous said…
You really can't expect Fox to say anything positive about this President or anything that he's involved in! Since they put the spotlight on you, use it to your advantage!!

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