Cymphonique Miller's Show Debuts In Feb

Cymphonique Miller, daughter of hip hop mogul Master P, is debuting her new TV show "How to Rock" on Nickelodeon in February. The show is one of several new series launching on the network.
“I tried everything in my power to stop this girl because this can be a hard, sick business — really easy to get taken advantage of,” Master P told AllHipHop. “I guess you can’t hold raw talent back.”
“We’re hoping for great things from Cymphonique — a big, fat, giant hit,” Margie Cohn, Nickelodeon’s president for original programming added. “That’s what I’ve been working for with this series, so why not say it?”
Cymphonique will also be featured in an eight part video series documenting her journey; and an original pop song “Only You Can Be You” will be featured on the show and is already available on iTunes.


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