Emily B. On Dating Fabolous

Emily B. opened up about her on-again, off-again relationship with rapper Fabolous. The "Love & Hip Hop" star told Emily C that she is focused on handling her business on her own and that has made a difference in both her state of mind and the show.
"Well of course you see me moving out on my own. I have two children and I moved on my own in New York," she says. "You know I moved here to be with Fab so for me to be here and live on my own is just an experience for me. So you get to see that and you know I just focused on me. I realized that I had to put me first and everything else would fall in place. So on this season, I had to go out on my own, I had to be independent. I had to do me. The first step in doing me was moving out on my own which was very, very difficult. "A lot of people are wondering if I still live on my own," she added. "Yes, absolutely, I still have my own place and I still live on my own. Absolutely."


Anonymous said…
Congrats to u Emily u will be ok continue doing u and it will be good.....

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