Emily B. Wouldn't Date Another Rapper?

"Love & Hip Hop" star Emily B. revealed that her love life is currently in limbo and that she's in no rush to get into another serious relationship with a rapper following her time with Fabolous. Emily says she'd prefer a man with 'a normal life' and that she may have her eye on someone already.
"What love life? It's non-existent," she says. "I'm in that weird in between stage where I'm not where I was, but I'm also not ready to date anyone else."
So would she date another rapper?
"Absolutely not," she says flatly. "I would prefer not to date anyone else in the music industry. I'd like to date someone with a normal life, like a school teacher. In fact there's a teacher at my daughters school that I have a little crush on...I'm just kidding. Hmmm, I guess just to take a break. We just wrapped shooting and I have a clothing line coming in the fall of 2012 and I've been doing a lot of styling. So I guess my holiday wish is just have some quiet time with my kids."


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