Jeezy Embraces His Female Fans

Young Jeezy has long been a trap-rap superstar, with dope boys seeming to gravitate towards his tales of slanging and his penchant for thug anthems. But the Atlanta rap star revealed that his fanbase has diversified over the years, and there are more women coming to his shows now than ever.
"The weirdest thing was, I went on stage and when I first started, my core audience was just real street n*ggas and as I went on, ladies started to come to my shows and after awhile, it was a lot of ladies pushing their way to the front because normally n*ggas would be in the front," Jeezy says. "Before I hit the stage, I look around and see ten pairs of panties on the stage."
"I'm just looking like 'Damn, I ain't do no R&B sh*t,'" he added. "I thought it was weird at first. I'm cool with it now, but the first time it happened, I thought 'Yo, what the f*ck?' I thought it was dope because that's the sh*t you see on TV, like the Five Heartbeats and all that sh*t."


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