Kat Stacks Wants To Change

You knew it was coming.
With infamous incarcerated supergroupie Kat Stacks' name popping up in interviews with hip hop notables like Slim Thug and DJ Whoo Kid recently, it was only a matter of time before Stacks herself spoke up. Kat Stacks tweeted some updated info to her followers this week, saying that she plans to change her ways.
"Its time to settle down, i've been running around for too long.," she tweeted. "i've seen it & done it all in my life. im tired of experiencing the world."
"i wanna be a square & live the L7 life. when i was a hustler i use to envy squares cause even though they had less money, they were happy. money cant buy happiness," she continued. "Just look at me, i got people with money & power supporting me but it cant give me freedom. when you're broke you're blessed with reality, when you're rich yo live in a fantasy world & every body/thing around you is plastic. i even had a Senator put in a word for me & the courts still didnt let me go"


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