Kendrick Lamar Discusses Album

Kendrick Lamar revealed that he's enlisted superproducers Just Blaze and Pete Rock for production on his forthcoming debut album. And though he hasn't hit the studio with Pete Rock just yet, he revealed that the legendary beatsmith contacted him personally.
“Yeah, me and Just [Blaze] got some sh*t,” Lamar told XXL. “We got some shit. It’s city-based for sure. It’s classic. It’s history-making sh*t. It’s Just Blaze, a n***a I been listening to since I was 13 when I started rhyming, listening to Jay[-Z] and all those Roc-A-Fella albums...I’m [also] looking forward to working with Pete Rock. He just reached out to me. That feels muthaf**kin’ great. I got to get back to him, so we can make it work.”
“I don’t want to put no date out there because I know as soon as you put the date out there, the pressure is on and people want it,” he said. “I’m just going to work. Nothing’s perfect, but I want to make it where I’m comfortable with it and officially done me all the way, the only way I know how to.”


Dona Deri said…
I can't wait!!!!! I got kendrick hella hard on my blog!!! EP, OVERLY DEDICATED, SECTION #80!!!

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