Lil Wayne's Lucrative World Tour

Lil Wayne's "I Am Still Music" tour is one of the highest-grossing tours of 2011. Wayne's excursion has crossed North America, Australia and Africa; with the tour having grossed $47 million up to this point. Wayne sold 32,000 tickets in Chicago, 27,000 in Buffalo, NY and 28,000 in Philadelphia, Penn.
“For so many years, critics have claimed that hip hop tours would never be successful. Lil Wayne has put the nail in the coffin of that idea,” says Cortez Bryant, Wayne’s manager. “2011 has seen Lil Wayne further cement his status as a headline arena artist in the US & Canada. The 'I Am Still Music' run exceeded our own expectations. The amount of tickets he sold in both primary and secondary markets across the country was phenomenal and we are now focusing on the expansion of his global success.”
“One of our goals for Wayne’s touring business at the start of this cycle was to expand his reach outside of North America. We feel there is a huge opportunity to build Wayne into a true global touring force,” adds Shawn Gee, Wayne’s tour manager. “We recently completed a string of dates in Australia and South Africa where Wayne played in stadiums, with Eminem, in Melbourne in front of 65,000 fans and arenas in Johannesburg and Capetown. In 2012 we plan to build on this international success and tour Europe and South America to further expand his global reach.”


Anonymous said…
i love you wayne i have all your music since you was 14..i love what you do for your fans and home and fam, you are a great person from what i know about you..ppl here dont really listen to your music so you need to come here and change there minds and shut it ya spfd mo,

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