Nas & Jay-Z Don't Discuss "Ether"

Nas was asked if he and his former-rival-turned-buddy Jay-Z ever talk about Nas' scathing diss track "Ether," from 2001'sStillmatic. The two infamously engaged in a war of words, but Nas says that's ancient history. The Queens legend says that rap veterans aren't preoccupied with old beefs.
"That's what hip-hop has always been. We have our own. It's a culture thing. It's a community thing, but it's also a young people thing, and it's also, it's just the way. It's the way things are. That's how it's always been in hip-hop," Nas said. "[Do me and Jay talk about 'Ether?'] Not really. I mean, I think right now anybody who's made it from the '80s era, the '90s, got into hip-hop and still stickin' around and still here, still feelin' great about life... I think that's enough. I think anybody today, any peer of mine is just appreciative of the life that we've made for ourselves. We didn't know anything. We didn't know that this was gonna be the outcome, that we'd be around at this time doing what we're doin'. I think everybody's just on that page."


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