Paul Wall On Pimp C

Rapper Paul Wall reflected on his friendship with the late Pimp C on the five year anniversary of the Texas rap godfather's passing. Paul says the two bonded after he wrote Pimp C while the latter was finishing up a prison term.
"I remember when we shot the video for 'I'm 'n Luv (Wit a Stripper)' with T-Pain, Too Short, me and Pimp C, there was a lot of us on the song," Wall said. "Me and Pimp C recorded our parts together on the same day right behind each other. So we were just kicking it real hard and I remember us talking about stuff. I remember him telling me, 'Yo Paul Wall, you was on that square sh*t writing me in jail. Wasn't nobody else writing me. You were on that square sh*t, man.' [laughs] I just always loved those memories. We were always laughing and joking. I just always remember that. It's always funny. I wrote him as a fan but also as an artist trying to show support to him while he was in jail."


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