RZA On Hip Hop's Headphone Craze

With his new Chambers by RZA line, the Wu-Tang superproducer has thrown himself into the hip hop headphone fray that includes fellow stars like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Ludacris. RZA says that he doesn't like to fuel negative one-upmanship in hip hop, but he doesn't mind some friendly competition amongst rappers.
"I don't like to compete against my own crew, meaning, hip-hop," RZA told Billboard. "Hip-hop to me is a family. But you do want to sell the most records, have the biggest song and win the Grammy." That said, he was quick to set his line apart from the efforts of MCs. "With much respect to the other guys, [Dr.] Dre is a producer and I'm a producer," he said. "If anyone is into sound and dealing with sound, it's more the producer than a rapper. We get more technical."


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