Slimm Blasts Vivica A. Fox

Sooo...remember when Vivica A. Fox claimed that she trusted a 'six pack and a smile' and realized before it was too late that she should break off her engagement to her ex-fiance, Slimm?
Of course you do--we told you about it right here: [Vivica A. Fox On Her Ex:]
Well, it looks like Slimm doesn't quite agree with Ms. Fox's assessment of how and why things ended. He told Sister 2 Sister that his famous ex-boo is trying to save face.
"I totally understand that a person would rather save face and avoid admitting their fiancé ended the relationship," he says. "So I understood why Vivica didn’t admit the reality of what really took place…. She would have come out better if she stated we went our separate ways if she wanted to avoid the “true” nature of the breakup. The main thing is don’t lie… she and I know what happened so just be cordial and keep it moving. She knew from day one when I first met her I would joke and say “hey baby don’t hit me with that 2 can play that game” lol those methods destroy relationships. I hate games and negativity."
"Further more if I was using her for fame then why wouldn’t I play the game, put my pride aside and follow through on tying the knot?" he adds. "The reason being I’m not that type of man and I refuse to sell myself short for fame."


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